Hazel Dooney

Contact + CV

Private collectors, curators and other art professionals are invited to connect with the artist via email at h@hazeldooney.com

Hazel issues updates about forthcoming exhibitions, auctions and new works on Instagram at @hazeldooney. For viewers who prefer not to use social media, recent entries are shared via the artist’s Journal. To receive Dooney’s irregular newsletter, Studio Notes, please subscribe to her E-List.

Hazel Dooney is Australian and a British citizen by descent, based in Sydney.

Public Artwork

2013 – 2019 Ten Dicta For Young Women Who Are Artists, mural in acrylic paint on brick wall. Royal Lane, 231-233 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD. Created at the invitation of Robert Doyle, The Right Honourable 103rd Lord Mayor of Melbourne (2008 to 2018) and The City of Melbourne.

Solo Exhibitions

For the last ten years the artist focussed on creating art for private commissions rather than solo exhibitions. Dooney will exhibit her work in the future, in a non-traditional way. If you would like to be notified of forthcoming exhibitions please subscribe to her E-List.

2008 PORNO, in collaboration with Melbourne Art Rooms.

2007 Kelly, The First Time: Sex Tourist Installation, Renault New Generation Art, Art Melbourne.

2006 Venus in Hell, in collaboration with  Melbourne Art Rooms.

2004 Self vs Self, John Buckley Fine Art, Melbourne.

2001 Slightly Indecent, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane.

2001 Too Much Never Enough, Greenhill Galleries, Perth.

1999 Recent Works, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane.

1998 Ultra Violet One, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane.

1997 Hazed, 29 Latrobe Terrace, Brisbane.

Group Exhibitions

2016 Curtain Call 1000 2000s S.O.A.P. Blindside Artist Run Space, Victoria.

2012 Controversy: The Power of Art, Curated by Dr Vivien Gaston, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria.

2007 BLAST! The Influence of Manga and Contemporary Japanese Popular Culture on Australian Artists, Redcliffe City Gallery, Queensland; Logan City Gallery, Queensland.

2006 Toy Joy, Fotofest. Houston, Texas.

2005 Micro Masters / Action Heroes, Blindside Artist Run Space, Victoria.

2005 Style Sessions, Milk Gallery, New York City.

2005 The Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria.

2004 National Works on Paper 2004, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria.

2003 Pop Portraits: Hazel Dooney and Luke Mallie, Artspace Mackay, Queensland.

2003 – 2005 William Creek & Beyond, a Ballarat Fine Art Gallery Touring Exhibition, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Victoria; Shepparton Art Gallery, Victoria; Tamworth City Gallery, New South Wales; New England Regional Art Museum, New South Wales; Noosa Regional Art Gallery, Queensland; Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Queensland; Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum, Queensland; The Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra; Cowra Art Gallery, New South Wales.

2001 Ready, Set... Go!, Global Arts Link, Ipswich Gallery, Queensland.

2000 Ten Australian Artists, Nicola Townsend, Tokyo.

1996 Ongoing Exhibition, The Hub Internet Cafe, Brisbane.

Public Speaking

2011 Art and an undistracted conversation and the dealer is doomed, TEDx Brisbane, 15 October.


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