Hazel Dooney
Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A small Los Angeles-based company, Morphik, is offering one of Hazel Dooney’s most controversial images, The Terrorist, from her iconic Dangerous Career Babes series, as a wearable collectible. Morphik’s gallery of wearable, limited edition art has featured works by, among others, Junko Mizuno, Nathan Ota, Susan Kae Grant, Bob Dob, CRASH, and Fernando Chamarelli. Each is displayed in a custom-designed stainless steel frame set on a distinctive leather cuff or strap (Hazel’s  fave is the ‘Hot Pink Anaconda’ cuff). Prices range from $US66 to $US110. The Terrorist is available directly from Morphik.


2015 High gloss enamel on canvas, 100cm x 150cm.

“Hazel’s independent, outspoken stance on various feminist and creative issues has elevated her as a courageous, provocative and highly successful artist.”
Robert Doyle, the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Australia, 2013

"It may be true that a picture is worth a thousand words, because if there's one thing... Hazel Dooney has been criticised for time and time again, it's saying too much."
Peppermint Magazine
, Australia, 2013

"Hazel Dooney isn’t for everybody and that’s what I always liked about her."
, USA, 2012