Hazel Dooney
Monday, December 12, 2016

Hazel Dooney has launched the first in a new series of posters designed to make her work widely accessible. You can read more about the concept and Poster No. 1, Grab Your Future By The Pussy! here.
Saturday, October 01, 2016

The enamel period of Hazel Dooney's oeuvre has officially ended. The artist's high gloss enamel paintings are only available on the secondary market. Dooney is in the process of clearing the storage unit associated with her former enamel studio and will focus solely on new work soon. More details here.
Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dooney Lives is an ongoing autobiographical series told in bite-sized pieces, inspired by the artist's long engagement with social media. Hazel Dooney's first major text-based work (and first public artwork), Ten Dicta For Young Women Who Are Artists, is a set of polemical interventions. In contrast, Dooney Lives is intimate, diaristic, raw and revelatory. The fragmented narrative explores and defies the expected life story of a 'troubled' woman. More info' about Dooney Lives here.

Grab Your Future By The Pussy!

2016 Unlimited edition posters, digitally printed on premium photo gloss 255gsm paper, signed and dated by the artist using a Posca acrylic paint pen in black or pink. Each poster is 59.4 x 42cm (23.38 x 16.53 inches).

“Hazel’s independent, outspoken stance on various feminist and creative issues has elevated her as a courageous, provocative and highly successful artist.”
Robert Doyle, the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Australia, 2013

"Hazel Dooney isn’t for everybody and that’s what I always liked about her."
Wired.com, USA, 2012

"Hazel personifies an alluring, punk rock, mischievous, genius artist... She is the outsider that everyone wants to be connected with."
– Obvious Magazine, USA,  2011

"Hazel Dooney grabs life by the shoulders and headbutts it...  She is utterly uncompromising."
The Zone, from The Age, Australia, 2010

"Hazel Dooney walks the razor's edge between respect and celebrity in today's artworld."

Australian Financial Review, Australia, 2006

"Peter Booth, Hazel Dooney... Jeffrey Smart are all members of a select breed of artist who, for the benefit of all concerned, cast a somewhat critical and even destructive eye over their artwork. These artists do not turn out bad art."
– Michael Reid, The Weekend Australian, Australia, 2003